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Production Process

Stripping of lacquers

Many metal objects have been lacquered to avoid having to polish the metals frequently. But over time or with much handling, the lacquer can be damaged and worn off, requiring stripping before it can be re-polished. Stripping is a messy and laborious process that is best left to specialists who also know how to strip lacquer without causing environmental damage.


Many antiques may require repairs, having been worn thin or broken. We can solder various metals and may be able to fabricate missing or broken parts.

Cleaning - Restoring - Buffing

After a metal has been stripped and repaired, we carefully clean and buffthe pieces to a new shine. We take the time needed. Depending on the intricacy and size of the item, this can take up to several days.

Refinishing - Replating

When pieces have been previously plated with silver, brass, copper or gold, the plating may become damaged or worn thin and thus cannot be initially cleaned or buffed to their old luster. Many times re-plating will be a good option, especially if they are heirloom pieces that you are attached to.

Polishing - Lacquering

Often a new coat of lacquer is recommended to preserve the new luster and avoid having to continuously re-polish your item. But if you prefer, we can gladly restore and buff your item and then recommend a proper polish to you if you wish to polish it yourself.

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