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Our Expertise

We know our metals at Brass Artcrafts Company! This is important as no two metals behave exactly the same during restoration and because aging changes metal characteristics and many metals are alloyed differently. Knowing this is important when you are looking for someone to restore a prized possession or a precious heirloom – or any other item having a deep sentimental value. In any case, you want not only to repair and restore it; you want to be able to preserve the unspoken character that makes it so unique to you.

At Brass Artcrafts Company, we possess not only the technical expertise, but the sensitivity you would hope to find in craftsmen you are entrusting your highly valued articles to. To us, such items are not just “things” but rather, your valued possessions and remembrances. Accordingly, we treat them as such, imparting the same care and concern that we hope will cause you to seek our services in the first place.

Our artistic endeavor is matched by our aim to please you the customer. At the Brass Artcrafts Company, we strive to perform our work and to render our services in such a way that when we return your item, we will have earned your approval at a level commensurate with the trust and confidence you have placed in us.

Please allow us to guide you through our Cared For™ process

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