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Brass Artcrafts Company, in Annapolis, Maryland has been serving homeowners, businesses and churches in the Mid-Atlantic for over 25 years, even across the country, from Oregon to New York to Tennessee and Florida, by offering our expertise in restoring your Brass, Copper, Silver and Pewter items into an attractive, Cared For™ shape.

Whether you need to refurbish chandeliers, refinish your copper pots, re-plate your silver trays or tea sets, repair your broken brass bed, polish your nautical decorations,  or restore your candelabras, Brass Artcrafts Company is there to help.

If desired, we can apply an invisible but highly protective lacquer to extend the life of your item for maintenance-free beauty. 

If need be and appropriate, we may also recommend a new plating of chrome, silver, copper or gold. 

Additionally, we can make most precision repairs, utilizing regular soft solder or silver solder and, occasionally, if necessary, we completely re-fabricate or replace parts that are broken or missing.

We have learned to take an interest in not only the integrity and beauty of a piece but also its historical and sentimental value. We like to say  “let the piece tell us how it should look” to assure that  your treasured items look well Cared For™ .

Come to us for all of your metal restoration needs. We take great care and pride in our workmanship and will not stop until we have a happy and satisfied customer.

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