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Factors that affect pricing: •

  • the overall size and surface area of the item •
  • the intricacy of the design •
  • the degree of patina •
  • the overall condition, whether requiring repairs or replacement of parts •
  • the amount of labor required to restore the item to its original beauty •
  • the amount of material used for repair, replacement, fabrication, and plating •
  • the time it takes to take the pieces apart and putting them back together (most often longer than the polishing) •
  • the number of pieces that make up an item, the detail, the repair and whether we find concealed damages
  • whether an item need to be re-plated or not•
  • the number of people needed to do a job

When the work involves a straight forward polishing and lacquering, we may be able to give you a price "on the spot" when you bring it in.

When the work is more intricate or requires repairs or fabrication, we can usually point you in the direction of cost and tell you what representative prices have been for items you bring in but final cost can often only be determined when we go through the process. Most of our customers have come to trust our intention to do the best work for the least cost but in the case we experience any difficulties that would cause a change in the pricing, we will give you a call and ask for your approval to proceed before we incur the unexpected expense.

Also instead of bringing in the item, if you are unsure whether we can handle a particular kind of item or not, you can send us a picture via e-mail (including contact info) asking whether we handle that or not.


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